Unfortunately, not much was documented in the early days of Lost and Found. It really was a run and gun exercise. The brand took off with a bang and never slowed down. After PCS, ONS and LR, a few other early brands were launched, including ForeverFresh, Buck15 and Backdoor Bambi. Later followed a slew of other concepts (too many to mention, but we will name a few that stand out).



Lovechild X Matt Booth

Matt and I have been friends longer than I have been making cigars. Before we collaborated on proper cigar brands (The T, Hit&Run), we worked on three special releases with Lost&Found.

Paradise Lost

La Whatever


…Come hither Matt, let’s do another one.


Instant Classic

This one was particularly fun. Other manufacturers shit on it…but fuck them.

Instant Classic is a unique brand to L&F, because it was the first brand that we manufactured. It came out as a wet-packed robusto (come shit on us again if you would like). We rolled this special blend in 2015 using really old tobacco, rolled and packed into 10’s and left to age years before release. The IC concept was a hit, not only for the concept of the initial release, but also for being the first brand that we manufactured. It opened us up to the idea of manufacturing and aging our cigars in the future. This project is ongoing, with the next release being a Box-pressed Toro (someone mentioned that there might be a tiny number of coronas!), and will continue to build with more offerings. The IC releases are particularly fun. These gems utilize ultra-small-batch tobaccos that are scarce in quantity so they don’t make a lot of sense for larger manufacturing projects. Staying true to the Lost&Found name, they are aged years before being delivered.



Secret Stash

This one takes us back to the beginning. Some things we never released. They are too good and we are greedy. One day we woke up and realized our Stash had grown to a point that we could never smoke them all. Pry them out of our hands. They cost a pretty penny, but they are worth it and benefit good causes. Largely, this collection comes from one Dominican manufacturer. These and Antique Line are the best cigars that we have found.



Antique Line

Buy them if you can find them. These beauties are aged. Our first release was a 2006 Corona hailing from the Dominican Republic. This cigar was a pain in the ass, but worth it. They were super small quantities (35 boxes) and barely flashed in the pan. The extra age adds a dynamic that is hard to explain. You just have to try one. They are all going to be lighter in body, but incredibly complex. We will keep this special project alive so long as we can keep getting cigars this old. Do not punch-cut these or Secret Stash…handle them with care.



22 Minutes to Midnight AKA 23:38

Caldwell Cigar Co has Anastasia. &Found has 22 Min. We manufactured this cigar in the winter of 2020 using incredibly aged tobaccos. The Habano has tobaccos aged a combined 29 years, and the Connecticut 31 years. Post-production, we aged them 30 months before releasing. This will be an ongoing annual release of 1,050 boxes per wrapper per year.



One Night Stand



Pepper Cream Soda



Bolivar x Lost & Found



L&F Manufacturing by Bellatto & Caldwell

Tony and I have similar palates, but mine is better. We decided to produce cigars following the release of Instant Classic. We wanted to build our own blends using smaller lots of tobacco and laying them to rest ourselves.  These cigars allow us to use special tobacco, not limited by production quantities.