I have always had an affinity for aged cigars….and design.  Aged cigars are special.,..not all of them, but age often adds a complexity and balance to cigars that only comes with time. Creating brands and concepts is not only part of my job, but my favorite hobby. We built Lost&Found to deliver unique, aged product in packaging that entertains us.


Lost and Found lives for charity. It was started for fun, but survives to make a difference. During the peak of COVID19 in April, 2020, we released No Free Lunch, which donated the proceeds to soup kitchens, and food banks (North Dallas Food Bank, Camillus House). We followed with Give A Fuck, which benefitted arts initiatives and after-school education in inner-cities (Inner City Impact, Inner City Arts). From there, we went on to Launch ONE, benefitting Tunnels to Towers (First Responders and their families),  EL PAVO (Miami Rescue Mission), providing Thanksgiving meals to families in need. CHANCE provided high-quality toys to children during the holidays (Toys for Tots). We continue to and will always fund and sponsor charities and initiatives that are important to us. Lost and Found is our vehicle to make a difference. We are building this brand so that the legacy of doing good outlives the founders.